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FAQs for company

Q: What are advantages of your products?
A: Accelerometer and gyroscope, MWD are with Strong inventory spot products, Stable delivery order, Perfect after-sales service, Reliable quality assurance, Competitive factory price, Honest service.

Q: What is SenNav products warranty?
A: 3 year warranty (freely) for all accelerometer and gyroscope products. 1 year warranty(freely) for MWD products.
     Lifetime maintenance will be provided after warranty period expires.

Q: What is production standard?
A: China Military standard and company standard. 100% quality check and durable testing before each of shipment.

Q: Can you provide free samples?
A: No, due to its high value, no free samples for testing. If our products are not qualified after your testing, we promise replace a new one asap or refund all your payment.

Q: Do you provide testing report?
A: Yes, we test as required and provide testing report.

Q: How long is your lead time for QA and FOG? How long for MWD?
A: Usually 2-6 weeks for accelerometer and gyroscope, 2-4 weeks for MWD, it is different according to actual quantity.

Q: What is your Payment methods?
A: Accept payment via T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, and PayPal; Accept L/C at sight (bulk order).

Q: What is the Shipping Way?
A: 20-30 days by sea to your nearest seaport;
     2-5 days by air to your nearest airport;
     3-5 days by express to your doorstep.

FAQs for sensor

Q: What kind of sensor solutions you can provide?
A: Product solution including high precision, high accuracy, high temperature, large range, high vibration, strong impact, high stability, high repeatability, smaller dimension, ITAR free product etc; Integration solution, when combine accelerometer and gyroscope into a system, such as IMU/INS/position and direction system/platform stabilization/flight control system, recommend proper components and provide professional suggestions.

Q: What is the MTBF? The estimate life time?
A: FOG MTBF is 20000 hours; life time is 10 years, Quartz accelerometer MTBF is 27669 hours; life time is 12 years, it accord to the customer using situation.

Q: Is it possible to customize for special orders?
A: Yes. Support to produce accelerometer and gyroscope based on your parameters request.

Q: Is your sensor can be combined with our sensors to build a system?
A: Yes. All our accelerometer and gyroscope with the standard electrical interface output, also it can be customized according to your usage.

Q: What is your sensor output?
A: For quartz accelerometer, analog output; For FOG, digital output.

Q: Do you have any notice when using QA and FOG?
A: Yes, kindly check below items:
     Don’t allow to contact with corrosive chemicals;
     The product terminal shall connect with the instruction of the wiring diagram, don’t allow to connect wrongly or reversely;
     The shock & vibration test don’t allow to exceed the technical specification of the product;
     Store in a dry condition at room temperature;
     Put in the original packing box, non-dust & dry room temperature, process it gently during movement;
     Connect correctly to the appropriate power supply devices according to the pin definition;
     Transfer the power supply to the operating voltage, and check the power connection again, turn on the power after confirmation.

FAQs for MWD

Q: What is your MWD maintenance and repair?
A: Responsible for the installation and debugging, free of charge;
     It is free of charge for 1 year from the date of acceptance, lifetime maintenance, timely supply of daily required accessories;
     Regular (6 months) for the user free adjustment, test the instrument, usually according to the needs of users to provide calibration services;
     If software upgrade, provides the software upgrade service free of charge.

Q: What is your training support?
A: Before the instrument is put into use, the operator should be trained free of charge according to the user’s request. The training includes the use of the instrument, maintenance, fault judgment, software function and so on.

SN-MWD-48H Common problems and Treatment measures in using

1.Directional probe
1) The error between the actual tool face and the decoding tool face is large, which may be caused by the T-groove serious abrasion and excessive clearance;
2) The measured data deviate greatly from the actual data, or it is remain constant or fluctuate greatly, the reason is accelerometer may be bad;
3) When GT/BT is abnormal, geomagnetic inclination angle is not correct, and probe detecting system is out of alignment, so probe should be calibrated again;
4) Continuous transmission of shut off pump sequence, missing of probe calibration file;
5) When opening the pump, it is possible that the flow switch is abnormal if it does not send the pump opening sequence;
6) During normal drilling, the switch pump sequence is frequently switched, which may be that the judging threshold of the switch pump is close to the actual pump pressure, and the judging threshold of the switch pump should be lowered;
7) No stop pump sequence, possibly flow switch is abnormal.

1) There is no signal and no decoded data in the waveform display area, the pump pressure area is normal, the pump pressure meter has no obvious fluctuation, there is no short rise or down drill before the phenomenon is produced, and the preliminary judgment is sand problem;
2) Pulse wave is normal, but without synchronous head, pulse generator may be abnormal;
3) The tool well head, the middle level test are all normal, but at the bottom of the well, the normal wave has the clutter, can not detect the data, it may be the guide shoe and wear-resistant sleeve are damaged;
4) When the instrument is working normally, there is no signal suddenly, and no obvious pressure change is observed in the pressure gauge, which may be abnormal in the pulse generator;
5) The pulse waveform is intermittent, and when observe pressure gauge, the same problem, it is possible sand problem;
6) The instrument connection test is normal, the wellhead test has no signal, the reset seat key;
7) If the instrument does not have a signal in the process of drilling, it may go down too fast, which will lead to the instrument dekeying;

1) The pulse in the waveform display area is intermittent and unable to decode normally, but the ground test of the well is normal, which may be caused by the virtual connection of the shock absorber of the battery barrel, the intermittent power failure of the instrument due to the vibration;
2) Normal drilling, signal decoding wave loss, it might caused by battery life using too long, voltage is insufficient;
3) Slippage normal, compound no signal, possible battery drum vibration absorber module virtual connection.

4. PC and software
PC no pulse test, it may be PC problem or software problem;

5.Special data processing equipment
1) The test shows that the voltage is about 20.0V, if it is too large, the special data processing equipment is abnormal.
2) Special data processing equipment buffer lamp always turn on, clean up system cache, close firewall, restart Special data processing equipment.

6.90m cable
1) No pressure display on the software, observe pump pressure meter and it has pulse display, separate test display controller and it appears normal, may the cable is damaged;
2) Clutter multiple, it could be a big source of interference near the cable and the pressure sensor.

7.Pressure sensor
Abnormal pressure numerical fluctuation, too many clutter, unable to decode, observe the well group and logging pressure and it shows normal, may be pressure sensor is abnormal.

8.Environmental problems
1) The temperature of well site is too low, the pressure sensor may be frozen, need to have insulation measures;
2) The downhole temperature exceeds the instrument temperature range, which may lead to many kinds of indeterminate faults.

1) During drilling, the instrument suddenly has no signal, the mud density may be too high and the viscosity is too high;
2) A large number of clutter appears suddenly in the waveform display area. It may be that the mud worker adds the medicament, or that the mud has a large sand content at the bottom of the well hole;
3) Pulse waves are intermittent and may contain too much sand, resulting in sand problem;
4) Excessive gas content in mud may cause signal attenuation.

10.Well site equipment
1) Screw drill bit: pump pressure is abnormal display on software during orientation, it always over 30 MPA suddenly and back to normal, only in the orientation observation, compound and measure inclination are normal, it might be screw and bit are abnormal.
2) Drilling tool: When measuring inclination no sequence 6, it might be caused by drilling tool is washed to the leakage, and the mud loss from the drilling tool, which results in the flow switch not feeling the switch pump;
3) Pump: weak signal or clutter, may pump instability;
4) Turntable: high speed (more than 65 rpm/min), easy to lead to the instrument clasp, serious damage to the instrument;
5) Air accumulator: insufficient aeration, resulting in high gas content in the mud, resulting in more clutter and influence signals.