FAQs for company

Q: What are advantages of your products?
A: Accelerometer and gyroscope are with Strong inventory spot products, Stable delivery order, Perfect after-sales service, Reliable quality assurance, Competitive factory price, Honest service.

Q: What is SenNav products warranty?
A: 3 year warranty (freely) for all accelerometer and gyroscope products. 1 year warranty(freely) for simulator.
     Lifetime maintenance will be provided after warranty period expires.

Q: What is production standard?
A: China Military standard and company standard. 100% quality check and durable testing before each of shipment.

Q: Can you provide free samples?
A: Sample can be provided for testing, but not free, due to its high value. If our products are not qualified after your testing, we promise replace a new one asap or refund all your payment.

Q: Do you provide testing report?
A: Yes, we test as required and provide testing report.

Q: How long is your lead time for QA and FOG? How long for simulator?
A: Usually 2-6 weeks for accelerometer and gyroscope, 3 months for simulator, it is different according to actual quantity.

Q: What is your Payment methods?
A: Accept payment via T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, and PayPal; Accept L/C at sight (bulk order).

Q: What is the Shipping Way?
A: 20-30 days by sea to your nearest seaport;
     2-5 days by air to your nearest airport;
     3-5 days by express to your doorstep.

FAQs for sensor

Q: What kind of sensor solutions you can provide?
A: Product solution including high precision, high accuracy, high temperature, large range, high vibration, strong impact, high stability, high repeatability, smaller dimension, ITAR free product etc; Integration solution, when combine accelerometer and gyroscope into a system, such as IMU/INS/position and direction system/platform stabilization/flight control system, recommend proper components and provide professional suggestions.

Q: What is the MTBF? The estimate life time?
A: FOG MTBF is 20000 hours; life time is 10 years, Quartz accelerometer MTBF is 27669 hours; life time is 12 years, it accord to the customer using situation.

Q: Is it possible to customize for special orders?
A: Yes. Support to produce accelerometer and gyroscope based on your parameters request.

Q: Is your sensor can be combined with our sensors to build a system?
A: Yes. All our accelerometer and gyroscope with the standard electrical interface output, also it can be customized according to your usage.

Q: What is your sensor output?
A: For quartz accelerometer, analog output; For FOG, digital output.

Q: Do you have any notice when using QA and FOG?
A: Yes, kindly check below items:
     Don’t allow to contact with corrosive chemicals;
     The product terminal shall connect with the instruction of the wiring diagram, don’t allow to connect wrongly or reversely;
     The shock & vibration test don’t allow to exceed the technical specification of the product;
     Store in a dry condition at room temperature;
     Put in the original packing box, non-dust & dry room temperature, process it gently during movement;
     Connect correctly to the appropriate power supply devices according to the pin definition;
     Transfer the power supply to the operating voltage, and check the power connection again, turn on the power after confirmation.

FAQs for Simulator

Q: What is your simulator calibration, maintenance and repair?
A: The simulator is stable, mainly for power calibration, users need to have universal testing instruments, such as spectrometers and oscilloscopes;
We will train the user how to calibrate. If the user needs, within guarantee period, simulator can be returned to the factory for full system calibration;
It is free of charge for 1 year from the date of acceptance, lifetime maintenance, timely supply of daily required accessories;
If software upgrade, provides the software upgrade service free of charge.

Q: What is your training support?
A: Before delivery, the operator should be trained free of charge according to the user’s request. The training includes the use of the instrument, maintenance, fault judgment, software function and so on.